Rosybelle Mobile Maker Bus

Coming to a school near you!

Carbondale Arts has been committed to fostering arts education in our schools and our under-served communities for over 20 years. The Makerspace Movement is growing in popularity around the country as it allows students access to tools and technology that build important hands-on learning in areas like critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Research has shown impressive benefits of arts education on the entire school culture–especially student motivation, attitudes and attendance which translates to success in school, in life and at work. And yet, despite the impressive benefits of arts education, not every student has access to these quality learning experiences. 42% of RE-1 public school students qualify for the “Free Lunch” program and 32% are English Language Learners. Rosybelle brings opportunity to our under-served communities through supplemental arts programming as well as bilingual offerings.

Rosybelle is 72 passenger school bus that has been retrofitted and transformed into a dynamic, interactive and accessible mobile arts classroom and maker space. Programming on Rosybelle includes subsidized after-school classes, collaborations with public and private schools as well as other non-profits in the Roaring Fork Valley and west end of Garfield County. Rosybelle offers programs and workshops for youth and adults alike. While passengers do not ride on the bus, Rosybelle comes to you and is equipped with workstations for up to 12 children and 8 adults and larger multi-use space, solar power and wi-fi hotspot. Other equipment includes: 6 Macbook Airs with music, video and photo editing software, screenprinting set-up, utility sink, sewing machines, printing press, turntables, extra tables and awning for outdoor work space expansion, basic art supplies including paint, paper, colored pencils, pens and markers, brushes, etc.

All rates below include bus driver, materials and instruction. Workshop curriculum outside of Rosybelle’s menu of programming may be subject to fee increases. Renters will handle their own class registration. Minimum rental session is 1.5 hours.

Schools $40-$45 per hour
Non-profit $70-$75 per hour
For-profit & special events $85-$100 per hour
*Rates are dependent on the distance bus must travel

All inquiries or if you are interested in renting the bus as a teaching space please contact Carbondale Arts’ Education Coordinator, Kat Rich at for pricing.

All inquires should be directed to Carbondale Art’s Education Coordinator, Kat Rich.