Wewer Keohane Art Saves Lives Scholarship

Application Deadline December 20

The Wewer Keohane Art Saves Lives Scholarship will provide $1,000 towards idea incubation and/or education for an artist and/or a counselor, to learn ways to utilize creative expression as a way of nonverbally communicating emotion. The education can come in many forms, from developing an idea you have to address trauma to taking classes to creating a pilot project for high risk youth or simply a project that develops personal growth through the arts (we are not just talking about visual art here). The hope is to develop artists who can respond to mental health issues in our community, through Rosybelle, the Mobile Maker Bus. The year would end with one project on Rosybelle which would possibly include parents so they can explore the value of expressive arts with their children. The person(s) will receive a copy of Artful Dreaming by Wewer Keohane and mentorship from her during the year.
Deadline to apply is December 20, 2019.
Notifications sent out mid January 2020.

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