Green Team

The Green Team is a jolly volunteer-powered crew striving toward a zero-waste fair by diverting as much festival waste from the landfill by reusing, composting and recycling. We work “upstream” with the vendors to assure they have all zero waste supplies before they enter the park. Volunteers steward approximately 20 waste stations around the park; each station includes a compost, recycle and landfill bin. This is a really fun and rewarding volunteer gig. The more you educate, the less you sort and more stays out of the landfill. All of the fair compost is hauled less than 30 miles away in Pitkin County, where the compost is broken down into usable soil for local gardens.We have come a long way from the cigarette butt team riding in wheelbarrows at one of the first Mountain Fairs more than 40 years ago. For 10+ years now OUR Green Team has consistently reached a 90%+ diversion rate from the landfill, which is an impressive statistic sought after by many national festivals.