Rio Grande ARTway Update

Archway, Youth Art Park and a Mural

Believe it or not, the Rio Grande ARTway will host a beautiful arch created by many local artists, architects and visionaries. Led by Olivia Pevec the arch infrastructure was created by Stuart Edgerly and Steve Novy and Isaac Ellis from GreenLine Architects. Evolve Structural Engineers made sure the structure will be sound. Artists such as Bill Morrow, Wewer and Steve Keohane, Joe Burleigh, Shannon Muse, Jim and Sherrill Hawkins, Jim Mason, Crystal Glass Studios, Laura Stover, Olivia Pevec and more will be adding their special touches to the arch. RA Nelson Construction will oversee the installation in the early spring. Get ready to be wowed! The arch will be installed at DeRail Park, the entrance of the Rio Grande ARTway from Hwy. 133.
Carbondale Arts is working with youth from the Carbondale Middle Schools on the design of the Youth Art Park, the final park along the ARTway. This will be located behind Town Hall and will integrate with the parks all ready located there.
Artist Valerie Rose is working with local students on a mural that will live in the Latino Folk Art Garden. The design will focus on Latino Folk Art Styles and is funded through an Arts In Society grant.
Stay tuned for lots of opportunities to get involved in keeping the ARTway beautiful and thriving!