Transcultural Bonding In Clothing: Etar

September 12 through October 4, 2019

Carbondale Arts presents a new solo exhibition with fashion designs by Etar, opening on Thursday, September 12, from 6-8pm at the R2 Gallery located inside The Launchpad, at 76 S 4th Street in Carbondale. A member and gallery patron preview will take place at 5:30pm, and will include a short art talk before the public reception at 6pm.

Etar is an established and well-known fabric artist in the Roaring Fork Valley. Her solo exhibition will be a transcultural journey through fabric, highlighting her experiences working with locals in Peru, Bolivia, Uzbekistan, Dubai, and many parts of Europe as well. Etar has lived and worked in Aspen for over 30 years and created unique, high-end clothing for many dedicated clients.

Etar feels that it is the aesthetic expression of her practice that ties and binds us as humans. We are bound together by the medium of artful, serious clothing. Over the years, Etar’s art has evolved to reflect the state of her soul and mirror her belief in the value of heritage and truth. Her dedication revitalizes and nurtures the spirit of art and is a constant affirmation of her own ancient transcultural way of life.

This exhibition opens the same evening as “Jack Brendlinger: Retrospective”. Both shows will be on display at the R2 Gallery through October 4, 2019.