Saxon Martinez: Site 1

March 1 through 29, 2019

Carbondale Arts presented “Site 1”, an installation by Saxon Martinez, with an opening reception on First Friday, March 1, from 6-8pm at The Launchpad. A member and gallery patron preview began at 5:30pm, with a short talk with the artist and a chance to see the work before it opened to the public at 6pm.

This installation was an exploration into the artist’s past as well as his future. When thinking about his heritage Saxon began to ask himself about where his ancestors came from and how did their history affect him now? He began to explore these questions and concluded that he wanted to depict his own ancient cultures with modern materials and modern techniques. Saxon explores these questions to understand who he is as well as to gain a greater understanding of other Latin cultures.

This installation was an investigation into people that lived thousands of years ago and how we live today. Saxon began this exploration with one of the most intimate places that he interacts with on a daily basis, a home. Homes are places for new beginnings, a place where family history is taught, and where some of the strongest bonds are formed. Just as the home is in a state of flux, so are the individuals that live within them. Despite the importance that homes have, they are all built with common materials. Saxon fused common materials, deep-rooted cultural images, and a new age figure. This figure was meant to bridge the gap between modern-day cultures by stripping away appropriated and commercialized imagery and replacing it with an unpretentious figure that can create conversations across various cultures in America.

“Site 1” opened the same evening as Jeff Steven’s solo exhibition “It Was Dark Inside The Wolf”. Both shows ran through March 29.