Will Gurley: National Parks Development

April 5 through 27, 2019

Carbondale Arts presented “National Parks Development”, a solo exhibition by artist Will Gurley, with an opening reception to the public on First Friday, April 5, from 6-8pm at the R2 Gallery inside The Launchpad.

“National Parks Development” was a parody about the development of the natural world. The exhibition showed alternative uses for the National Parks, turning these national treasures into recreational and commercial facilities. The works explored the shortcomings of modern development and humanities disregard and commodification of nature. Using the iconographic landscapes of National Parks as symbols of untouchable nature, the works juxtaposed human infrastructure and recreation on these natural wonders, displaying alternative uses for America’s natural splendor.

This exhibition opened the same evening as “Settle Down In A Town Where Nothing Burns“, a solo show by Robert Martin. R2 Gallery patrons and Carbondale Arts members were invited to a special preview and artist talk at 5:30pm before the shows opened to the public at 6pm.