August 9 through September 6, 2019

Carbondale Arts presented “LOOM” opening Friday, August 9, from 6-8pm at the R2 Gallery inside The Launchpad, located at 76 S. 4th Street in Carbondale. A preview for Carbondale Arts members and gallery patrons began at 5:30pm opening night.

“LOOM” explored the relationship between the weaving loom and the evolution of the modern computer. This two-person show was organized around collaborative pieces by mixed media artist Andrew Roberts-Gray and painter and textile artist Cate Tallmadge. The works investigated connections between woven geometry and painterly geometry, and highlighted the link between the binary coding in weaving and computing.

Ada Lovelace saw the correlation between the punchcards used to program a Jacquard loom and its future application in computing. This visionary observation became the artists’ prime motivation for creating the work in the show. Both Tallmadge and Roberts-Gray made a decision to title individual pieces by selecting mostly women who were important in mathematics and computer science.

This exhibition opened the same evening as “Post-Frontier Landscapes“, a solo show by Julia Crocetto. Both shows were on display at the R2 Gallery through September 6, 2019.