Alarming! Our Human Identity in the Digital Age

October 18 through November 8, 2019

Carbondale Arts presents a new exhibition, “Alarming! Our Human Identity in the Digital Age” opening on Friday, October 18, from 6-8pm at the R2 Gallery located inside The Launchpad, at 76 S 4th Street in Carbondale. A member and gallery patron preview will take place at 5:30pm, and will include a short art talk before the public reception at 6pm.

Our identity in relationship to technology is rapidly changing. This exhibition, by K. Vuletich, Perry Taga, and Sarah Espinoza, uses interactive technologies and mixed media collage to emulate this changing relationship. The line between fact and fiction has been blurred by the constant inundation of ads, notifications, and news. Become part of the installation as you touch, look, and listen.

In Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything, he equates personalized ads to an alluring honeypot intended to entrap viewers. Walker later asks the question, what if, in addition to selling us products, in-app ads “are also trying to change who we think we are?” Could our interaction with technology be the next stage of human evolution or are we, as Kurt Vonnegut suggests, “serving as appendages, to machines”?

“Alarming!” is generously supported by Land+Shelter, a local architecture and planning company that seeks to harmonize the built environment with the natural environment and, in so doing, practice sustainable design. Land+Shelter provides an integration of architecture, sustainable design, owner’s representation, planning services, and community outreach – since 2005.

“Alarming!” will be on display at the R2 Gallery through November 8, 2019.