Creative District Business & Non-Profit Survey

The Carbondale Creative District has launched a business and non-profit survey to determine needs within the district, as well as what projects are important to pursue. We also want to collect data that we can all use. We will share results with our partners, The Carbondale Business Chamber and Town of Carbondale. We will be reaching out to artists in 2020. If you are a business or nonprofit in Carbondale, please take the survey below.

Wewer Keohane Art Saves Lives Scholarship

Application Deadline December 20

The Wewer Keohane Art Saves Lives Scholarship will provide $1,000 towards idea incubation and/or education for an artist and/or a counselor, to learn ways to utilize creative expression as a way of nonverbally communicating emotion. The education can come in many forms, from developing an idea you have to address trauma to taking classes to creating a pilot project for high risk youth or simply a project that develops personal growth through the arts (we are not just talking about visual art here). The hope is to develop artists who can respond to mental health issues in our community, through Rosybelle, the Mobile Maker Bus. The year would end with one project on Rosybelle which would possibly include parents so they can explore the value of expressive arts with their children. The person(s) will receive a copy of Artful Dreaming by Wewer Keohane and mentorship from her during the year.
Deadline to apply is December 20, 2019.
Notifications sent out mid January 2020.

Thank You, Art Heist Donors!

You rock!

Thank you to the 70+ artists and collectors who generously donated original works of art for our “Art Heist: Wild Wild West” fundraiser for The Launchpad on October 13! You all have made it possible to keep this “space for the arts” an affordable place for local artists, performers, teachers, and students who depend on The Launchpad as a creative destination. Check out photos from the event below!

Katie Alderson, Alice Bedard-Voorhees, Stanley Bell, Tom Berthiaume, Gail Brown, Robert Burch, Joe Burleigh, Josie Castaldo, Mark and K. Cesark, David Clark, Mary Conover, Larry Day, Staci Dickerson, Katalin Domoszlay, Dave Durrance,  Matthew Eames, Lisa Ellena, Olivia Emery, Debby Flug, Marcia Fusaro, Doug Graybeal, Penelope Greenwell, Giana Grossman, Jim Harris, Brett Haynes, Liz Heller, George Hendrix, Hunter Hogan, Kathy Honea, Heather Hopper, Christie Interlante, Suzanne Jackson, Deborah Jones, Wewer & Steve Keohane, Savanna LaBauve, Will Laemmel, Linda Loeschen, Brenda Manes, Bobby Martin, Judy Milne, Kat Moser, Jocelyn Murray, TJ Ossola, Sarah Overbeck, Marta Parker, Michael Rand, Sara Ransford, Kat Rich, Annette Roberts-Gray, Andrew Roberts-Gray, John Runne, Jill Sabella, Jill Scher, Stephanie Seguin, Lisa Singer, Jeffrey Stevens, Robin Stidham, Cate Tallmadge, Mellie Test, Liz Thele, Tom Tomeszko, Nicolette Toussaint, Kimberly Trenchard, Felicia Trevor Gallo, Sarah Uhl, Carrie & Matt Vickers, Jamie Wall, Conor Ward, Marcia Weese, Pamela Williams, Jeffrey Woodruff, Ellen Woods, and Alex Yajko & Donn Willins

Volunteer for Mountain Fair

Sign up now to volunteer for this year's fair!

Over 300 volunteers come together every year to make Mountain Fair one of the most popular and unique fairs in Colorado. Mountain Fair needs help with everything from selling T-shirts and Peace Patrolling the fairgrounds to Green Team and Backstage Security. Listen to great live music, view arts booths, eat delicious food, and mingle with Carbondale’s finest while you’re at it!

Affordable Housing Update & Market Study

Read the reports here!

The Town of Carbondale, Art Space and the CCD have finished the Market Study for affordable housing in Carbondale. The results are really interesting. We have them shared on both of our web pages, Carbondale Arts and the Carbondale Creative District. We are now looking for developers and land owners who may be interested in the study, and, hopefully, a project in Carbondale. We can’t do this alone but we are determined to advocate for affordable housing projects in Carbondale and hope we can bring one to fruition!

Read the Arts Market Study: Report of Findings here.

Read the Arts Market Study: Technical Report here.