The Carbondale Salon

September 21, 7.30pm at The Launchpad

The Salon features a broad spectrum of artistic performance, including all types of music, spoken word, dance and multimedia works. Many of the pieces and ensembles are experimental and created specifically to suit the intimate atmosphere. While each salon is different, they all have a powerful, inspirational impact that comes from the close connection between the artists and the audience. Cost: $25 in advance, $28.00 night off ($28.50 with credit card). For tickets and more information:

September’s Salon artists will include: Comedy: National touring Comedian A.J. Finney; Film: Award winning film maker Marcia Kimption; Dance: Past Soloist with the Joffrey Ballet Cynthia Giannini showcasing her student; Music: local and now nationally touring persuccionist Zack Ritchie; Theatre: Cassidy Wiley with premiere a new work; Dance: locals Claudia and Eric Pena romance and enchant us with their sultry Bachata