Now at the R2 Gallery: “LOOM” & “Post-Frontier Landscapes”

Now through September 6

Carbondale Arts presents two exhibitions that run through First Friday, September 6.

“LOOM” explores the relationship between the weaving loom and the evolution of the modern computer. This two-person show is organized around collaborative pieces by mixed media artist Andrew Roberts-Gray and painter and textile artist Cate Tallmadge. The works investigate connections between woven geometry and painterly geometry, and highlights the link between the binary coding in weaving and computing.

“Post-Frontier Landscapes” is a solo exhibition by textile artist Julia Crocetto, whose inquiry is rooted in her experiences of the Greater West, specifically areas that are or have been known as Frontier Lands. This exhibition is a facet of her study of borderzones and anomalies, which developed from the artist’s attempts to connect with place and grapple with her faulty memories of the West.

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