Erin Danneker’s Photography at Bonfire

July through August, 2019

I’m a dog-loving, road-biking, outdoor photographer and graphic designer. You’ve probably seen me working here before – as coffee is life… For the last four years, I’ve been a proud Carbondale resident since relocating from North Carolina after graduating from UNCW. I found the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley on a road biking tour across America in support of affordable housing in 2015.

All pets featured in this show are from the Valley (mainly Bonedale)! These pets are also all members of Dog’s Best Friend’s pack, our local pet care business. Ashley, owner of DBF, and myself worked together to bring you this explosion of cuteness and fur. I love capturing the essence of an animals’ personality on camera by spending the day with them hiking, playing in water (or leaves or snow), and finding the most picturesque location around town.

Book your pet photography session at or give me a call at 740-703-1887.

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