Carbondale Artists Exhibit at the State Capitol

Mid August through the fall

If you find yourself in Denver, be sure to check out the work of Carbondale artists in the Rotunda of the Capitol, in the Lieutenant Governor’s office, located inside the Capitol, as well as the office of the staff for the Legislative Council. Participating artists in this dynamic group exhibition include Kay Clarke, Brian Colley, Larry Day, Staci Dickerson, Kristen Doyle, Dave Durrance, Monica Goldsmith, Jim Harris, Chris Hassig, Lindsay Jones, Reina Katzenberger, Wewer Keohane, Steve Lock, Charmaine Locke, Paul Manes, Jay Phillips, William Poague, Mike Rand, Katherine Rickenbaugh Rich, Erin Rigney, Annette and Andrew Roberts-Gray, Deva Shantay, Lisa Singer, Jeffrey Stevens, James Surls, Catherine Tallmadge, Andy Taylor, Nicolette Toussaint, Katy VanNostrand, Greg Watts, and Marcia Weese. This exhibition came about because of a partnership between the Carbondale Creative District and Colorado Creative Industries. Spread the word to all your Denver peeps!