Vendor Load In / Load Out

Volunteers who assist with vendor load in/load out help vendors transfer their equipment to or from their vehicles to their assigned booth sites. This volunteer job is essential as vendors are not able to drive into the park! Heavy lifting is required.

Silent Auction

Assist artists and bidders in the silent auction tent…quietest volunteer job at Mountain Fair.

Information Booth

Be resourceful and assist lost or inquiring Mountain Fair participants.  Info Booth volunteers are the experts on everything from the Entertainment line up, locations of bathrooms, lay out of the fairgrounds, rules and regulations, as well as basic info about Carbondale.

Info booth is full at this time. Thanks!

T-Shirt Booth

Sell the infamous Mountain Fair t-shirt!  The t-shirt is a “must have” for every Mountain Fair participant, so you’ll be popular!  T-Shirt Booth volunteers organize and sell t-shirts and other Mountain Fair items. This is a great job for those who need to be in the shade, but you will be on your feet!

Secure Bike Parking

Sit in the shade and chat with happy fair goers as they arrive to and leave the Mountain Fair. Bike Valet’s assist Mountain Fair bike-goers with parking their bikes. The Bike Valet is run by Aloha Mountain Cyclery.

Booth Sitters

Give a Mountain Fair vendor a break!  Mountain Fair vendors have long days and need a break every now and then to take care of personal business.  By being a Booth Sitter, you’ll be able to give a vendor the reprieve they need to enjoy the fair!

Backstage Security

The backstage security person/crew is responsible to making sure the right folks have access to the backstage area. This is a job for folks who are comfortable saying no. Are you right for the job?

Volunteer Booth

Volunteer Booth Volunteers help to greet volunteers and ensure them a positive and fun Mountain Fair Volunteer Experience. Help sign-up new volunteers, organize volunteers when they arrive for their shift and maintain volunteer database.

Peace Patrol

The Peace Patrol helps set a harmonious tone at Mountain Fair. The Peace Patrol is there to greet folks at they enter the park, promote peace, safety, and good times, and to help people where they can. Responsibilities include: making sure no glass or alcohol is brought into the park, passing out sunscreen, misting people with spray bottles (only if wanted), patrolling the ditch and park parameters, and directing people where they need to go. It is also the responsibility of the Peace Patrol to help monitor the park for nuisances such as underage drinking, aggressive, offensive, and rowdy behavior, or people acting in any sort of unsafe manner, and to report it to the proper authorities or Mountain Fair Staff.


Raffle Booth & Raffle Rover

Help raise money for Carbondale Arts selling raffle tickets donated by fantastically supportive businesses from all over the Roaring Fork Valley. The Raffle is extremely important to Carbondale Arts fundraising. Raffle Booth Volunteers should dress fun and be assertive in a friendly way. Raffle Booth includes selling tickets, announcing winners, keeping rover aprons organized, counting tickets.