Robert Martin: Settle Down In A Town Where Nothing Burns

April 5 through 27, 2019

Carbondale Arts presents “Settle Down In A Town Where Nothing Burns”, a solo exhibition by artist Robert Martin, with an opening reception to the public on First Friday, April 5, from 6-8pm at the R2 Gallery inside The Launchpad.

Robert will exhibit the transition from his earlier sculptural practice to his current work with painting in a retrospective. His dioramas are carved from a variety of woods using hand and power tools. 

After abandoning his sculptural approach, the art-making desire remained. Robert now executes quick watercolor paintings with similar themes as his wood carvings. He favors narrative landscapes populated with people caught in transition and flux, or an environment staged with props to infer what may have happened in the particular setting. His paintings generally combine personal history, shared stories, and roadside observations. Robert utilizes watercolors in a so-called hyper-western palette that gives his paintings a very typical appearance, allowing the narratives to reveal themselves more slowly.

This exhibition opens the same evening as “National Parks Development“, a solo show by Will Gurley. R2 Gallery patrons and Carbondale Arts members are invited to a special preview and artist talk at 5:30pm before the shows open to the public at 6pm.