Jeff Stevens: It Was Dark Inside The Wolf

March 1 through 29, 2019

Carbondale Arts presents “It Was Dark Inside The Wolf”, a solo exhibition by Jeff Stevens, with an opening reception on First Friday, March 1, from 6-8pm at The Launchpad.

“It Was Dark Inside the Wolf” artistically explores our daily consumption of visual information through mixed media technique and collage. Controlled, crafted and polished imagery is deconstructed and repurposed to create works that comment on the prevalent presence of sex, violence and wish fulfillment in entertainment and advertising culture.

Visual information pours from every imaginable form of media in 2019 and is often disguised as something organic, intriguing or otherworldly. Our eyes and minds are exposed to a brilliant amalgamation of imagery through entertainment, social media and advertising on a disposable content cycle that lasts less than 24 hours.

Jeff Stevens’ solo show opens the same evening as a solo installation by Saxon Martinez entitled “Site 1”. Both shows run through March 29.