Mountain Fair Shade Tent Lottery

Sign up by July 22nd. Drawing will be held July 23rd

Please read the following information about the lottery rules, regulations and important dates as we have modified this year’s procedures

HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE: IF YOUR NAME IS DRAWN YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE A REFUND, REGUARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOU CHOOSE A SPACE. This is to discourage groups from entering every family member, including the toddler, to heavily weight their chances in the drawing.

  • CA will raffle off 24 shade tent spaces for the Carbondale Mountain Fair. Enter the lottery between July 9 and 20 to win.
  • Each lottery entry is $100, the full cost of the a shade tent space, and can only be done online and paid for with a credit card. We will NOT process entries through the office, over the phone, or with cash or check walk-ins.
  • The official drawing will take place at 3pm on Monday, July 23. Calls will be made to winners only on the afternoon of July 23 and the morning of July 24. Entries who are not picked in the drawing will receive a full refund within 14 business days of the drawing.
  • Winners WILL NOT NEED TO RESPOND UNLESS THEY DO NOT WISH TO KEEP THEIR SPACE. Those who do not wish to keep their spot will need to respond BY NOON WEDS JULY 25
  • NO REFUND will be given if spot is not taken.
  • CA allows only one name per family (this includes extended family) and Mountain Fair Staff cannot enter drawing. Failure to comply will result in being removed from the lottery.
  • Once a Shade Tent Number (aka location) is assigned, it cannot be changed.
  • Only the person who entered drawing can pay for spot.
  • Tent set up will run from 5pm-8pm on Thursday July 26 and 8pm-3pm Friday July 27. Winners must check in at the Information Booth.

We Need to Hear From You on Affordable Housing!

Please take this Creative Space Survey

Affordable Housing in Carbondale is crucial and you can help make it happen! The Town of Carbondale in partnership with the Carbondale Creative District is pleased to invite you to participate in our Carbondale Affordable Creative Space Survey, aimed at understanding affordable housing needs for Carbondale’s Creative Community. The survey will be available online at from June 25th to August 6th, 2018. Spread the word!

Artspace, the survey facilitator, is the nation’s leading non-profit developer of affordable space for creatives and creative organizations. Artspace would like to better understand how spaces for creatives fit into our community’s current priorities, and they want to hear it from us through the Carbondale Affordable Creative Space Survey.

We invite you to participate in the Carbondale Affordable Creative Space Survey! With your help, we hope to gather ideas about what the creative sector is missing and look at fresh ideas to serve Carbondale’s needs. Potential ideas can include live/work housing, co-working spaces, shared spaces, gallery space, and anything else you can think of.

If you have a need for creative space in Carbondale, please take this survey. The creative sector in Colorado involves a wide range of fields that utilize innovation, originality, and imagination. For example, it includes architects, digital designers, craftspeople, writers, chefs, as well as artists. The facility will likely incorporate working, living, commercial, and community spaces — depending on community needs.

Your unique perspective is invaluable to us, and we appreciate your input!

Read the ArtSpace Preliminary Feasibility Report here.

Volunteer for Mountain Fair

Sign up now to volunteer for this year's fair!

Over 300 volunteers come together every year to make Mountain Fair one of the most popular and unique fairs in Colorado. Mountain Fair needs help with everything from selling T-shirts and Peace Patrolling the fairgrounds to Green Team and Backstage Security. Listen to great live music, view arts booths, eat delicious food, and mingle with Carbondale’s finest while you’re at it!

Artist Fellowship Grant Winners

For the Alleghany Meadows Fellowship, Ro Mead Community Grant & Carbondale Arts Career Advancement Grant

Carbondale Arts is pleased to announce the recipients of our new Artist Fellowship Program (AFP), consisting of three artist grant opportunities: The Alleghany Meadows Fellowship, The Ro Mead Community Arts Grant, and The Carbondale Arts Career Advancement Grant. The AFP is for artists and creatives of any genre, who need some funding to assist in artistic or career development or support artwork concepts that can benefit both the artist and community. CA believes that there is great value in fostering creativity and inspiration. These grants help further the mission of Carbondale Arts (building community through art) and the mission of the Carbondale Creative District (nurturing a vibrant Carbondale community through creative industry, collaboration and artistic exploration).

The Alleghany Meadows Fellowship will help further the artistic development of two valley artists, Amanda Ramsay and Kaitlyn Getz. Amanda will use the fellowship to help support the making of a new body of work, which will be shown at a solo show in the valley, February 2019. Kaitlyn works primarily in clay but has started integrating oil painting into her work. This fellowship will allow her to develop more skills in this medium.

The Ro Mead Community Grant, sponsored by Frosty and Carly Merriott, has been awarded to Chris Harrison, Sue Drinker and Sarah Uhl. Harrison will help provide scholarships for his School of Rock Summer Camp. These scholarships are provided to local children who cannot afford to pursue their musical dreams. Drinker will use her grant award to work with four parent/child students from different areas and cultures in the valley. She will teach them photography, which they will use to work toward a common vision and final piece. Artist Sarah Uhl will use her funds to work with local youth on a Kindness Mural. In Sarah’s words,” murals are a powerful tool for social change and a brighter, more connected world.”

The Carbondale Arts Career Advancement Grant will help two valley artists further their aspirations in their creative fields. One will help artist Lindsay Jones produce a new body of work revolving around the theme of Manifest Destiny. She is applying for a show at The Launchpad in 2019, and will be using this work to apply at other galleries throughout the nation. Trapeze Artist, Jordan Tribble will use his grant to offset some of the startup costs of creating his own troupe. After some time with Cirque Du SoleiI he has come home to take his artistry in a new direction.


Rio Grande ARTway Update

2 new parks forging ahead!

The Rio Grande ARTway is a Creative Placemaking Project that inspires community and stewardship. It is a linear park and visual stimulus through the one mile stretch of trail that runs through Carbondale. Two parks are in the process now, DeRail Park located at Hwy 133 and trail and The Latino Folk Art Garden at 8th Street and trail. The creation and upkeep of these special places lies in the community. YOU are the ones who will make these spaces happen. Please join in any of our projects or just stop and pull some weeds when recreating!

Upcoming ways to get involved:
  • DeRail Park Railroad History Artifacts: Coming in August
  • The Rio Grande ARTway ARCHWAY: Coming in October
  • Mosaic table & Benches Community Art Days: Thursdays 2-4pm & Saturdays 10am-noon at 289 Sopris Avenue in Carbondale.  Sign up at
  • Botanical Gardens & ARTway Celebration: Sunday, August 19th 2-4

The ARTway is a project of Carbondale Arts, the Carbondale Creative District and RFTA. Stay tuned for future stewardship days and calls for art installations at

Sign Up for Creative District Inventory

with the Carbondale Creative District

The Carbondale Creative Industry Inventory provides a listing of your name or business, a photo, location (which automatically populates on our Carbondale map), contact information and a weblink and is accessible from kiosks throughout town for the use of locals and visitors alike. Your listing will be searchable through your creative industry category, as well as through keywords and the listing will include a map with your business location. These kiosks are in collaboration with the Carbondale Business Chamber and Carbondale Tourism.

Carbondale’s Creative Industries are divided into the following categories: 1. Design, Media and Innovation; 2. Visual Arts; 3. Performing Arts; 4. Healing Arts; 5. Culinary Arts; 6. Cultural Heritage which includes local food production, ranching and history

Each category has a color and icon to identify it visually. The icons will be on the signs. The CCD has a 4” sticker of our logo in the color that relates to your industry. We have you listed under Healing Arts and we hope you will display the sticker somewhere in your business to create visual connection and identity.

The CCD is picking up the cost of most of this but is asking our creatives to help get us increased visibility and economy for Carbondale and for you. An individual creative or artist: $25.00 a year for listing and sticker. A Business of two or more: $50.00 a year for listing and sticker. If you cannot pay this cost, but want to be listed we have a number of scholarships available. Your quick response is much appreciated.

Along with the increased CCD marketing efforts, Carbondale will receive increased promotion from the State of Colorado Tourism Council and the Colorado Creative Industries. Carbondale is poised to receive our official state certification as a district this summer. To sign up for a listing or more information, please email Amy at or call her at 970.963.1680