News about the 39th Annual Valley Visual Art Show!

Entry forms available Monday Dec. 3 at 10am

Greetings, Artists of the Roaring Fork and Crystal Valley and beyond!

Again this year as in the past 2 years, in an effort to professionally exhibit your artwork in our R2 Gallery space, we will only be able to accommodate 50 artworks (one work per artist) in our upcoming 39th Annual Valley Visual Art Show (opening Friday, January 18, 2019).

• Entry forms will be made available online and in print at The Launchpad at 10:00am on Monday, December 3, 2018
• First-come, first-served basis, ONLY 50 ARTISTS ACCEPTED!
• Fair warning: the show filled up in 4 hours last year, so have your info and images ready!

• 39th Annual Valley Visual Art Show is open to visual artists working in any and all media
• Participants must be current members of Carbondale Arts
• Participants must reside full time in a ZIP code beginning with “816”
• Participants must pay an entry fee of $25

• Two (2) original artworks MUST be submitted for consideration and should include Title, Medium and Price.
• Carbondale Arts takes a 25% commission on sales during this show. Refer to our R2 Gallery Protocol for further information, available on our website.
• Only one (1) work will be selected from each of the 50 participating artists.
• Submitted artworks must be FINISHED, original (no digital reproductions except photography), for sale, created within the past 12 months, & not previously shown at Carbondale Arts R2 Gallery.
• Two-dimensional artworks may not exceed 30 inches in WIDTH (including frame!)
• Three-dimensional artworks may not exceed 30 inches in WIDTH or in DEPTH.

QUESTIONS? Email our Gallery Manager at