Mountain Fair Shade Tent Lottery

Sign up by July 22nd. Drawing will be held July 23rd

Please read the following information about the lottery rules, regulations and important dates as we have modified this year’s procedures

HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE: IF YOUR NAME IS DRAWN YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE A REFUND, REGUARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOU CHOOSE A SPACE. This is to discourage groups from entering every family member, including the toddler, to heavily weight their chances in the drawing.

  • CA will raffle off 24 shade tent spaces for the Carbondale Mountain Fair. Enter the lottery between July 9 and 20 to win.
  • Each lottery entry is $100, the full cost of the a shade tent space, and can only be done online and paid for with a credit card. We will NOT process entries through the office, over the phone, or with cash or check walk-ins.
  • The official drawing will take place at 3pm on Monday, July 23. Calls will be made to winners only on the afternoon of July 23 and the morning of July 24. Entries who are not picked in the drawing will receive a full refund within 14 business days of the drawing.
  • Winners WILL NOT NEED TO RESPOND UNLESS THEY DO NOT WISH TO KEEP THEIR SPACE. Those who do not wish to keep their spot will need to respond BY NOON WEDS JULY 25
  • NO REFUND will be given if spot is not taken.
  • CA allows only one name per family (this includes extended family) and Mountain Fair Staff cannot enter drawing. Failure to comply will result in being removed from the lottery.
  • Once a Shade Tent Number (aka location) is assigned, it cannot be changed.
  • Only the person who entered drawing can pay for spot.
  • Tent set up will run from 5pm-8pm on Thursday July 26 and 8pm-3pm Friday July 27. Winners must check in at the Information Booth.