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Application forms for the 2015 Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza on March 13th and 14th are now available!

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about the 2015 Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza– if you have not been already. This year’s theme is Underground. There are SO MANY ways to interpret this one. Let us help you get the wheels turning: counter-culture, subterranean, creation and magma, light vs. dark, dirt, tunnels and mines, urban post-apocalypse, root systems, revolution, and on and on and let’s not forget that first and foremost, this show is about sustainability. All designs must meet 3 out of 4 sustainability requirements outlined on the application.


Green is the New Black sells out the house at over 500 people a night for two nights (about 500 seats plus standing room only tickets). That is over 1000 people seeing your designs, not to mention your clothing’s information being distributed in 4000 local newspapers via the show’s program. Coverage on GITNB reaches over 30,000 people(and counting!) between newspaper, radio and social media. Both our audience and designers come from all around the country. About 25% of our audience comes from Aspen (GITNB typically occurs around the same time as Aspen Fashion Week), 60% from elsewhere in the Roaring Fork Valley and 15% beyond!
A few important things to keep in mind:
1. The show will take place on March 13 and 14, 2015. You do not need to be present to design for this show.
2. We are looking for both male and female clothes.
3. All clothes must meet 3 out of 4 of our sustainability requirements.
4. To be considered a “line” you must have a minimum of 4 or 5 (preferably) looks in your collection. We do not have a maximum.
5. It is possible to submit only 1 or 2 looks to the show, however, your designs time on the runway will be treated differently than a full designer line.
6. There is an early application deadline on December 15th. Designers who apply by December 15th will be notified of acceptance by December 19th. Any applications received after December 15th will be juried at the January 12th final deadline. This deadline is a good one to apply for if you’ve already been at work or would like to get started sooner than later with the assurance of your participation in GITNB
7. The final deadline to submit an application for this year’s show is January 12th. Designers will be notified of acceptance by January 19th.

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The 6th Annual Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE/ March 14th & 15th 

This year’s show was an incredible success!

Our thanks is immense for those who contributed to this year’s show, as it may have been the best yet.  The production, talent, graphics, and clothing were top notch!  But what made this particular show so special to us was the incredible number of folks who wholeheartedly poured their love and energy into this production. The models, performers, and designers gave so much time, patience, creativity  and are heart of the production. We also couldn’t pull off such a spectacular performance without our sponsors and all the helping hands of all the volunteers that tied up loose ends, added special touches, and supported the production team.

Special Thanks

Our Sponsors:

True Nature, Town of Carbondale, Alpine Bank, Thrift Shop of Aspen, Post Independent/Aspen Times, Sopris Sun,  Premier Rentals, Crystal River Spas, Agency of Aspen, Mountain Chevrolet, Alchemy AVSC, Sopris Liquor, KDNK, Blue Tent, Fashion Denver, CLEER, Third Street Center, Pan and Fork Catering, Gina Cucina, Whole Foods, Dos Gringos, Peppinos, Zheng/Grind, Town., SAW, Mona Lisa Boutique, Carbondale Recreation, Valley Lumber, Shaboomie Paddleboards, Jazz Aspen/Snowmass, Palisade Bluegrass Fest, Lyons Folk Fest, 5Point Film, & Aspen Film

To Community Members Who Went Above & Beyond:

Evan Gaspar, Shawn Tonozzi, Wick Moses, Maciej Mrotek, Aubrey Hood, John Cohorst, Robin Paz,  Sondie Reiff, Pete Rich, Jen Catto, Lis Ensminger, Monica Muniz, Jessie Hinker, Brittany Sutherland, Natasha Seedorf, Jason White, Isaac Ellis, Milana Hines, Melanie Finan, Wade Newsom, Beth White, Jane Bachrach, Renee Ramge, and Mark Burrows.

To The Production Team:

Regna Jones, Laura Stover, Deb Colley, Ticah Burrows, Kether Axelrod, Chris Erickson, Justin Koscow, Zeke Eagan, Brian Colley, Dana Ganssle-Ellis, Eric Allen

The Dancers:

Charlie Abernathy, Brianne Jones, A.J. Hobbs, Chloe Burton, Rochelle Norwood, Elizabeth Riecks and Aja McAdams

The CCAH Board of Directors:

Evan Cree, Alix Knipe, Sarah Wood, Annie Bell, Sue Drinker, Errko Alm, Pam Rosenthal, Alejandra Rico, and Dan Giese



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