Now at the R2 Gallery: Kirk Robinson & Vallee Noone

This Friday, October 12, from 6-8pm

Carbondale Arts presents two exhibitions that both run through November 6.

In “The Near Distance”, a new body of work by Kirk Robinson, the idea of distance extends past fundamental process and into the concept of the paintings.  For these paintings Kirk has given his models an averted focal point for their eyes. They are not fully engaged by the camera thus enabling their minds to wander as they stare off. The result is a portrait that is intimate in its study of their likeness but also leaves a void for what resides in that “near distance”.

“Where the Light Gets In” is a full-scale immersive installation built by artist Vallee Noone especially for the R2 Gallery at The Launchpad.  This cave-like piece invites and even depends on the viewer to enter and interact. Visitors will be surrounded by dark cave walls as they explore, investigating cracks of light and finding hidden elements that expand the viewers perception of the space.

The R2 Gallery is open weekdays from 9-5 and Saturdays from 10-2. You can learn more about these shows under the R2 Gallery tab at the top of our website.