Now Showing: Two Photography Exhibitions

First Friday, May 5, from 6-8pm

Carbondale Arts is pleased to present two photography exhibitions at the R2 Gallery from May 5 through 26, 2017.

Within & Without: Over the past couple years, Susan G. Drinker and her husband Dick Durrance has been prowling the streets and alleys of Carbondale with their iPhones, capturing unusual glimpses of our funky little town. Everyday items take on a new dimension when seen through the eyes of this world famous team of photographers.

Fresh Perceptions: Curator Nannette Weinhold teaches Roaring Fork High School and Middle School photography students to see directly what enters into the field of vision, a fresh perception occurs, focusing their attention on color, pattern and texture. As they begin to view the world in this way, the spectrum of life, in turn, opens up and expands.

The R2 Gallery is open to the public weekdays 9am-5pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm.