Mark Duff at Bonfire Coffee

March through April, 2017

My photographs are an extension of a lifetime of study of the natural world.  It is through photography that natures’ mystery and beauty are expressed.  The subtle interplay of light, color, and shadow comprise these photos.  I do not compose my photographs – they exist.   They are the result of the intersection of time, place and light.

The expression of the natural world has been enhanced by both my formal study of it, and teaching about it.  I have been trained as a professional Biologist.  One has to learn to truly “see”, in order to understand.  Researching rare plants and animals has only enhanced my skills at observation.  Understanding the dynamic interplay of organisms, their evolution and life histories allows me to “see” with an understanding.  Also integral is an ability to read the landscape.  All of these factors precipitate out in my photography.

All photographs were shot with Kodak T-Max 100 film with a Nikon camera.  All prints are from high resolution scans printed on archival material.  Prints are available in editions of 100.