Bee Love + Art: A Call to Artists    

Painted panels due by late August

Create a buzz to help the bees! In the tiny country of Slovenia, they have a tradition dating back to the 1750’s. To honor their bees (Slovenia is well known to Europeans to be passionate about their bees) they would often paint their hive front panels with a diorama of a scene that meant something to them. Sometimes fierce, sometimes whimsical, sometimes religious, and all delightful. Mark Burrows wants to recreate this tradition in Carbondale by inviting artists to create their own vision and putting it on the panels. They do not have to be bee-related.

Mark wants to auction off these panels during a fundraiser to create a buzz around helping the bees, by planting pollinator gardens, not using pesticides, and just generally making the plight of the bee more public. Mark is happy to pay you for your work, let him know if you are interested and he will get you some panels. In addition, Carbondale Arts will host a reception for the completed panels in September. Completed panels will need to be turned in by late August.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask Mark any questions. I hope you’ll play with us!