Art by Mellie Test and Valerie Rose at Bonfire Coffee

Now through July

Stop by Bonfire Coffee on Main Street in Carbondale now through the end of July to see artworks by Mellie Test and Valerie Rose!

Besides being a mom to an incredible kid and dogs, Mellie Test is a multi-talented, multidimensional intuitive artist/illustrator and professional graphic/web designer. And… a real live unicorn! Mellie truly believes we all have magic, and empowers others to step forward and claim theirs. Calling her creations “Visual Magic; Inner Alchemy,” Mellie intuitively adds resonant frequencies to her art and design work, powerfully translating soul essence into visual form. Ultimately, she aims to spread joy and lightness, which her bright colors and animal art – including unicorns! – definitely do.

Unicorns represent magic. They guide you to remember your own innocence and magic within by reigniting wonder and delight; the unicorns remind us to lighten up and not take ourselves so seriously. They bring back joy.When we get consumed with fixing our problems, we forget to look up and notice how much still sparkles around us. The unicorns remind us that there IS still sparkle and joy, even in the darkest of times. And it lies within us; we are all powerful, creative beings at our cores.When we allow the unicorns to guide us back to our innocence (the natural innocence we’ve often chosen or felt forced to abandon since childhood), we remember who we really are. We are available to and able to recognize new possibilities. Our lives open up into full bloom. And THAT is true magic.

Valerie Rose is a muralist and an illustrator. She was raised in California by deaf parents and is deaf in one ear. Sign language is her native language. She has always loved to draw, but it was her move to Nicaragua in 2016, where she found herself as an artist. She loves drawing illustrations and comics with india ink, occasionally combining them with watercolors. She started painting murals 18 months ago and has since painted 21 walls. 17 of her 21 murals can be found in Nicaragua. She helped open The Art Warehouse in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. She now resides in Carbondale, Colorado, where she is still painting murals, making illustrations, and teaching American Sign Language. All of her work is done by hand.