Artist Grants Available

Applications Available February 20

Carbondale Arts is excited to announce our 2nd Annual Artist Fellowship Program. The AFP is for artists and creatives of any genre living in a ZIP code beginning with “816” and who need some funding to help them further their career, their art, or their ideas. These grants are highly competitive; thorough, passionate and well thought out responses are encouraged when filling out the application.

There are three categories:
The Alleghany Meadows Fellowship
The Ro Mead Community Arts Grant
The Carbondale Arts Fellowship

The Alleghany Meadows Fellowship awards $1,000 and has no restrictions on use. This fellowship can help an artist develop a vision, buy supplies or rent rehearsal space, it can help with residency or workshop fees or for marketing. The uses are limitless. This fellowship honors local Alleghany Meadows, who has contributed so much to furthering the arts in Carbondale. Alleghany started, and maintains, the Studio for Art + Works (S.A.W.), and has served on the Board of the Carbondale Clay Center.

The Ro Mead Community Arts Grant awards up to $1,000 and will be awarded to projects that involve and cultivate community. This can be for community based projects such as a public art project or involvement in our schools. This is open to organizations or individuals. Collaborations are highly encouraged.  Ro Mead, the former executive director of Carbondale Arts, was passionate about art education and community. She helped start First Fridays and The Carbondale Public Art Commission. Rosybelle Mobile Maker bus is her legacy and named after Ro Mead. Grant funded by J. Frost + Carly Merriott.

The Carbondale Arts Fellowship awards up to $1,000 and is geared toward emerging artists looking to further their artistic career. Some possible uses for this grant are: continuing education, purchasing supplies, developing a body of work, creating a website. The Carbondale Arts mission is, “building community through art” with a focus on providing support and opportunity for local artists. This grant calls to local emerging artists to make the step toward a more solid involvement in the arts. Funded by Carbondale Arts.

Applications will be available starting February 20th. The deadline for applications will be 5pm, April 5th, 2019.