2018 Mountain Fair Poster Contest Winner

About Bonnie Barker

Drumroll please! The winner of the 47th Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair Poster and T-shirt Contest is Bonnie Barker. Our 2018 theme is “LOVE POLLINATOR.” Bonnie has been entering the t-shirt contest for years, and all that hard work finally paid off! Of her work, Bonnie says: “Art is one of my greatest passions.  It comes very naturally, since I can remember, I have had a pencil or brush in my hand.  It has always been an amazing creative outlet and form of therapy for me.  I have no one medium rather,  I am constantly finding new ways of self expression and meditative practice through all forms of creative art.  I enjoy connecting with nature and gathering its many treasures; incorporating it into my art.  I love using art to connect with people, especially children and youth, it’s such a powerful tool for so many reasons.  My latest and all consuming adventure is learning how to be a good mom to my girls; Arrow 4, and Maple 2…even now as I type this I am shuffling their little feet off the keyboard.  So lately, my art consists of lots of glue, glitter, and crayons. Its the best!”
A little info on Bonnie as a person, artist, professional:
“I grew up in northern Minnesota near the boundary water wilderness where there is a crystal clear lake every 5 miles and wild timber wolf packs. It was powerful and magical place to grow up spending my childhood in the woods camping, swimming, and fishing.  This place left a deep impression on who I am today and generated my strong connection with nature. I was convinced I would grow old there until I moved to Colorado and fell in love with the mountains and the hot springs. I moved to Carbondale when I was 25 in search of my independence, that was 14 years ago. I met the love of my life, became the mother of 2 beautiful girls that are rocking my world and became a stepmother to 2 amazing boys. I am very close to my family so it was not long before my mother, sisters, and brother all moved here and now my nieces and nephews are all being raised here. My roots are deep and I am filled with joy that my family and I call this home!”
What Bonnie loves about Carbondale:
“There are so many reasons I love about Carbondale. There is a rich authenticity to it, with a strong foundation of many generations of ranchers and farmers. Yet, there is a buzz…a new generation of young, passionate farmers, artists, and adventure seekers that give it this hip edge. Its back yard is majestic, wild and untamed; there is a great respect for the land and the water as we all meet on common ground to support a progressive and growing community.  All the while, remembering our roots and staying humble, real, and sustainable. It’s actually quite impressive and amazing to witness and I believe it’s because the people that live here have a strong intention to live happy, full and conscious lives. As a mother I find great peace in watching the youth roam free around town and on the bus system, to see my stepsons grow up untethered and safe, what a simple, beautiful, and profound thing. We are truly so lucky.”
A little known fact about Bonnie:
“Well, I’m an open book but I will say I’m 38 and never felt younger. I am truly happier than I have ever been and with all of life’s challenges, all the ups and downs, I am grateful to feel all of it…to laugh and to cry with my eyes and heart open. I am so grateful to live in this vibrant community surrounded by so much love and support and am so excited for what’s to come…you’ll never find me far from Carbondale!”